Azure Function using Azure Key Vault

Azure Functions is a serverless solution for running small pieces of code (“functions”) in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The code can be written in the Azure Portal self (extensions for Visual Studio are still in preview now) without the need to worry about the hosting infrastructure at all.

Azure Key Vault is the Azure cloud-hosted service for managing cryptographic keys and secrets.

The situation: In our projects, we must have a mechanism to maintain safely and in a centralized way, login and passwords, needed to integrate with other systems. The Azure Key Vault is the ideal service to do that, but, unfortunately, accessing natively the Azure Key Vault from Azure Functions is not yet available.

Using scenarios: To integrate different systems and to create custom functionality in SharePoint Office 365, we are using continuously Azure Functions. Therefore, we need to have a centralized, safe and encrypted repository for the login credentials of the different systems and, eventually, of SharePoint self.

The solution: It is still possible to recover Key Vault Secretes using the standard .NET framework and the Key Vault libraries. read more…

Using Flow to forward a Yammer post to Teams


Summary: this post will show a code-free way to have specific tagged Yammer posts also posted to a specific team channel in Teams using Flow.

This is not a post to convince you to use Yammer versus Teams or vice versa… by now everyone should know that this “journey” is not a matter of alternatives but a matter of options. Office365 delivers us several tools which could be used for several scenario’s and therefore some tools are similar in functionalities usable for the same scenario. Which tool to use for which scenario??? Let your team and experiences decide! read more…

Cloud Journaal – aflevering 19

Aflevering 19 staat online op YouTube, met in deze aflevering:

– Meerdere personen toewijzen in Planner (2:57)
– Microsoft Stream: afspeelsnelheid instellen van video’s en via een URL een video op een specifiek moment starten (4:38)
– Gebruikers mailbox converteren naar Gedeelde mailbox (7:21)
– Verzonden items kopiëren van gebruiker naar Gedeelde mailbox (8:42)
– Instellingsmogelijkheden van Microsoft Teams (10:22)
– Nieuwe mogelijkheden in Kiosk (K1) plan accounts (14:59)

Bekijk aflevering 19 hier:


Bron: eekels.net/cloud-journaal-aflevering-19/

How I created my own Azure Administration script in PowerShell

In this post I will show you how I created a PowerShell script that makes use of the Microsoft Azure PowerShell module to manage resources on Azure.

What will the script do?

The script will enable us to:

  • Create / Remove
    • Subscriptions
    • Resource Groups
    • Resources
      • Web Applications
      • Virtual Machines
      • Virtual Networks
      • Availability Sets
      • Network Adapters
      • Public IPs
      • Storage Accounts
      • Etc.

read more…

Create a process driven Document Management System with Workflow within SharePoint

Sometimes, configuring workflows can be a real struggle. Especially when you want to have as few (performance) issues as possible.

I got into a challenge where I needed to create a workflow solution for a process driven Document Management System and prevent performance issues and error occurrences but still keep the solution easy to use and easy to manage.

The case

For a process driven Document Management System, I had to create a workflow solution within SharePoint 2013 in which the user could perform a series of dossier/document related tasks inside a document set:

Dossier related tasks

  • Create a new mandatory document
  • Create a new optional document

In both cases, when the user completed the task with an outcome where the document is uploaded, there had to be a check if the document was actually added to the dossier. In case of an optional document, the user was provided with the option ‘Not necessary’. When this option is chosen, no check will be performed.

  • Perform a common task on the dossier

Document related tasks

  • Review a document
  • Approve a document
  • Digitally sign a document (internal and external)
  • Perform a common task on the document

Also, an option must be available for a power user to change the process step without crashing the workflow and all closed non-process driven dossiers must been archived every first of the month. read more…

Cloud Journaal – aflevering 18

Aflevering 18 staat online op YouTube, met daarin de volgende onderwerpen:

– Lokaal synchroniseren van SharePoint teamsites nu ook mogelijk met de nieuwe “next-gen” OneDrive for Business sync client (1:56)
– Nieuwe filters op de Actieve Gebruikers pagina in het Office 365 Beheercentrum (4:00)
– Versturen van e-mail namens een Office 365 Groep (5:05)
– Nieuwe Link web part (7:07)
– Nieuwe PowerBI web part (8:49)

Bekijk aflevering 18 hier:

All you need to know about Hybrid Auditing in SharePoint 2016

Summary: This blog post will show you how to configure Hybrid Auditing in SharePoint 2016. It will also point out some considerations when deploying this new feature.

Microsoft released a new hybrid feature for SharePoint 2016: Hybrid Auditing. This feature will automatically upload your on-premises user activity logs to Office 365, so administrators can generate reports for users across SharePoint on-premises and Office 365.

* Note: This feature is still in preview! The configuration and capabilities might change in the future. read more…

Cloud Journaal – aflevering 17

Aflevering 17 van mijn Cloud Journaal staat op YouTube. In deze aflevering de volgende onderwerpen:

– Persoonlijke startpagina instellen in Office 365 (1:54)
– Downloaden van meerdere documenten tegelijk (2:48)
– Nieuwe admin rapportages (3:59)
– Bestandenoverzicht in Office 365 Groups (8:37)
– Nieuwspagina’s in moderne teamsites (11:08)
– Mailboxen in Exchange Online Plan 2 abonnementen naar 100 GB (14:47)

Bekijk aflevering 17 hier:

Bron: eekels.net/cloud-journaal-aflevering-17/

Cloud Journaal – aflevering 16

In aflevering 16 van Maarten’s Cloud Journaal staat maar één onderwerp centraal: Microsoft Teams. In deze iets langere aflevering dan normaal (bijna 20 minuten) laat ik zien hoe Teams werkt, wat je er mee kunt, hoe het gebaseerd is op Office 365 Groups, hoe je het aanzet in je Office 365 omgeving en hoe je Connectors kunt gebruiken om signalen uit externe systemen in Teams te laten landen.

Bekijk aflevering 16 hier:

Error with People or Group Field when using Power BI with SharePoint Online

For our migration project we wanted to create a report in Power BI to give our stakeholders insight in the progress our project made. For this situation we created a Power BI report in the desktop application of Power BI. The project team makes use of a SharePoint Online site to manage the progress of the migration. For this we have created several lists inside SharePoint Online and created a workflow on our main list “PortalsOverview”. read more…

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